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Arceus X APK is the best tool for Roblox gamers that bring a lot of advanced features of the Roblox game, including the high jump, unlimited script files, speed features, Ghose Mode, Auto-aim, Climb Mode, etc., without having any key.
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In this age of gaming, the production of online games has exceeded the quantifiable limits. Some games managed to make their name known worldwide, some failed, and some are still going. But among all genres of games, by far, Roblox is unmatchable, and every gamer knows this fact. It is not only insanely popular as a game but also a leading virtual universe of all 3D games. Both gaming lovers and developers worldwide are currently hugely engaged with it as it is a diverse platform. If you are also into this game and looking for more features, gameplay elements, higher freedom, and more helping hands while playing Roblox games, then Arceus X is the best find for you today.

Arceus X; What is it?

Arceus X is a free-to-use and near-perfect Roblox script executor launched by a group of independent developers for the ease and improvement of users. The development of this app is very useful for people who think that playing Roblox games with its limited boundaries of features is tasteless and unfun.

However, with this new script executor app, gamers will now be more independent than ever, and without any investment, they will meet all their desired gaming resources, features, and other extra options to get extraordinary outcomes most conveniently. It is not hidden that Roblox is full of games of different genres, and all the games have their unique gameplay, tasks/ missions, and they are also complex to play. Without wasting sweat, in-game features, and game scripts, these games cannot be easily won.

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Verily, these resources are key factors in changing the outcome of any game, but they are not usable in all games, and you have to invest money to own them. But wait? To get all this for free, the Arceus X app comes as a painless way. With this Mod Menu app, players will now have Super speed, B-tools, Script hub, Infinite jump, LuaU execution, several advanced features, and more in the palm of their hands.

Characteristics of the Arceus X Mod:

Using this Mod Menu app means having a tonne of features and other packages that were previously not handy for a single Roblox gamer except for some premium buyers. This means that using this app or being a premium buyer of Roblox is almost the same. If such versions are available in the market, then why waste money for the same benefits? Let us now introduce its new unexplored features.

Speed Mode:

It is a better and most effective means to optimize the speed of your Roblox and all other gaming heroes the more or the minimum you want. This will aid in optimizing the speed of heroes according to the circumstances of the game.

Super Jump Mode:

Jump Mode allows each and each gamer to jump on any walls, barriers, cars, and other things. Thus, you will grab the opponents fastly and also save yourself from all the dangers in the game by jumping over different objects.

Script Hub:

In Script Hub, all gaming scripts are full within this section, and users can select their desired script files from there and start enjoying the functionality of various script files in their favorite game.


BTools play an important factor in the game, and without the help of these tools, winning the Roblox game will not be facile anymore. So this alternative variant has many BTools that you can use to improve your gaming.

Full customization Factory:

This mod comes with a full customization features factory, which means that now Roblox gamers are free to customize everything in their game, and there is no boundness for Roblox gamers to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS);

Q. What is Arceus X Beta?

Ans. Arceus X Beta APK is one of the best and most freely accessible Roblox executors for Android devices that comes up with many advanced and fruitful features of Roblox, such as unlimited scripts, in-game stuff, a custom factory, multi modes, a simple UL, etc.

Q. Is Arceus X now available for PC, Macs, IOS, and iPhones?

Ans. Yes, the developers have now changed the mobile version and made it all in one version for all operating systems. Now you can download and enjoy its great benefits even on IOS devices like Macbooks and iPhones.

Q. Is Arceus X Mod APK safe to use?

Ans. Yes, this new Roblox Arceus APK is secure, and no other means are needed to make it more secure. Moreover, it is anti-ban, which makes it more secure than other executor apps.


All its additional features are one-way. Arceus X apk has great and well-improved gameplay, where levels from first to last are unlocked, and users can start playing directly within any of those levels. Moreover, it is a great source of endless fun and enjoyment while playing Roblox games. So why are you waiting? APKBilla offers this best app with its safest and most fluid working APK file on the page; download it from here. However, If you download it from other websites, you may get an old or expired version because they haven’t updated the link, but we have already given the updated download links.

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