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Presently we are living in the age of AI where AI or artificial intelligence dominates everywhere. Indeed, AI has taken every field by storm and has brought changes to everyday life. It has now made an impact in the gaming industry as well, and one proof of that is in the form of CODM AI. It is a unique application powered by AI to assist Call of Duty Mobile players in the game.

CODM AI is entirely based on artificial intelligence through which Call of Duty Mobile players enjoy unlimited features and perks in their game. With its built-in AI, you can be able to strategize effectively and perform fearlessly. Further, this application can take you to dream levels in the game and you will perform like you are the one and only in the gameplay. Visually, this is just a simple application but it makes significant room for all the players to get the highest spots easily.

The app unlocks extensive COD in-game features and lets you access player stats, player voice control, and full in-game purchases. This utility makes it a more wonderful option to play than other similar tools. Now players can insert without going to official stores because it is all made possible by the in-game AI. Above all, this mod tool allows COD players to analyze their character, whether it is going forward or backward, enabling it to make the right steps at the right time. This implies no player will hate the COD game anymore because it possesses good utilities that will keep you hooked on this COD game.

Alternatives of the App:

The alternative apps of CODM AI APK are CODM Injector and Trung Thai Mod Menu.

Exceptional Features of CODM AI:

Monitor gameplay & player:

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the toughest games you have ever heard, those who want to win it need to monitor its gameplay from time to time. So its AI functions allow you to assist you with this, it shows all gameplay statistics, player progress, loopholes, and much more.

Detect opponents:

The built-in AI is quite smart which makes it easy to locate the hidden places of gaming opponents. In this way, you will always be one step ahead to protect yourself and target others.

Voice control:

Voice control lets you control the sounds of all your heroes and their footsteps as they walk across the battlefield. If your opponents are close enough to you, you can lower your character’s voice so they never know you’re close enough to target them.

All weaponry:

In higher tiers, players always lack weapons without buying weapons. This is the reason many players quit the game due to failure. So using this app will upgrade your weapons ratio and number. So you will have several options to use depending on the game conditions and circumstances.

In-game purchase:

CODM AI app will introduce you to all in-game purchases or in-game items without taking you to the app store. Thus, every player will dive into the gameplay with aimbots, crosshairs, wall x-rays, high jumps, flies, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS);

Q. What is the purpose of CODM AI?

ANS. It is a proper AI-based tool that enhances the gaming experience of COD Mobile players by giving them powerful in-game features and many other things.

Q. Is there a command needed to use the AI within this app?

ANS. No, you don’t need any commands or other processes to use its AI functions and features.

Q. How to download CODM AI on Android and iOS?

ANS. Downloading it is not rocket science, just go to where the download button is available and tap on it and it will download right onto your device.


CODM AI APK is the first artificial intelligence-based application for Android and IOS. Being the first app in the market, its popularity and demand skyrocketed. Thanks to AI and its app developers, artificial intelligence will now help all gamers in different ways. This app is now your helper whether you are a noob in the gaming field, your performance will be no less than guru gamers.

Since this tool amazingly optimizes the gameplay to fit it according to your demands, grants in-game stuff, lets you track your player’s individual performance and lets you keep an eye on anything. Now we can say, AI is also an invaluable way to cheer up all the frustrated gamers. Of course, we bet you no Cod player will now be as disappointed with their game as they were before. So give it a try.

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