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Overview of God of War 3:

In today’s pervasive gaming era, action, and adventure games are like a drug for people of all ages. As a result, we observe that games that belong to such a specialty have a much better growth & success rate than other games that do not belong to that genre. Imagine if a game is based on action with a story as well, you can imagine how ground-breaking it would be. Yes, a sweet giant “Santa Monica Studios” makes such a game that combines adventure, and fighting with a story in one place. Yes, God of War 3 is the game where people get to experience battles, clashes, and do-or-die fights under an emotional yet interesting story.

God of War 3 APK is an insanely popular action game in which the character fights in a fire of revenge against Zeus who betrayed him and misused him against his loved ones. However, this game is played on Mount Olympus where the archenemy Zeus resides who rules the mythological world.

However, you may remember that God of War III APK is the latest and most recent version of the God of War series that followed series, 1 and 2. Compared to the previous series it guarantees to offer better graphics, sound, and easier controls, and the gameplay is also worth it. Verily, these great enhancements make people craze to dive into this updated action game anytime.

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The storyline of God of War 3:

The storyline is based on terrifying battles and skirmishes with demonic powers to take revenge on Zeus. Kratos is the main fighter who climbs Mount Olympus to find Zeus and kill every enemy that gets in his way. Mount Olympus is very high and its peak seems to touch the sky. Kratos’ journey to climb Mount Olympus isn’t exactly easy.

However, the character must identify his strengths and abilities while avoiding fear and emotions. Combining strategy and strength with intelligence is the key to tracking down Zeus’ base slaying him along with all his demonic companions, and ending the reign of tyranny and hatred on Mount Olympus. We know that Kratos has some god-given superpowers, such as making his body bigger and smaller and blocking the magic of demons, and weapons used in ancient warfare, such as axes, arrows, and swords are also available.

Increased Graphics Quality:

The records of the previous series of God of War games are a witness that each new version has increased its graphics quality compared to the old ones. So what are your remarks on God of War 3 Game does it also have more amazing graphics than the previous versions? If your answer is yes then you are correct. With increased graphics, It has HD and HDR modes that you can switch to and experience excellent graphics that let you see everything in a clear and detailed.

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Character controlling:

Kratos is the character who stands against the forces of evil. Passionate action players will start the game as Kratos and will control the character Kratos at their fingertips. Thus, how Kratos will play depends on how they use him. It is controlled by several particular buttons.

Using L1 and R1 given on the screen assists in killing the opponents by wrapping the chains on the heads of the opponents. Aside from them, running, crouching, hitting, and self-defense are many other character features that are controllable as you like through dedicated buttons pasted on the left and right sides of your device’s screen.

Unique Weaponry:

Since the God of War 3 App is purely a heroic fighting game, the weapons within it are diverse. Aside from the character’s natural and God-given abilities, the character’s most prominent weaponry here is the one mostly used by the fighters in ancient warfare.

God of War 3 Character

Do you have any idea which ones they are? Wow, you guessed it right. Here powerful swords, bows, axes, and chain weapons are usable to the character Kratos to use these unique ancient-style weapons based on the strength of their opponents.


Ultimately, the long wait is over and God of War 3 APK is ready to launch on your Android from our site. So start the action-centric story of this game with shocking enhancements and improvements in many aspects of the game. As usual, this game doesn’t have any detrimental consequences after the old series. It’s completely fair game with trusted security that makes something special over time. So here is your product.

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