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Indeed, entertainment in the form of videos is no less than medicine for folks to refresh their bored minds. It is also a fact that it has changed a lot over time. Once upon a time, people preferred long videos like movies, shows, and web series. Whereas now people’s interest has wholly shifted to short videos, clips, and reels. As a result, short video-providing applications are trending, and 8 out of 10 people have such an application installed on their mobile. Similarly, IWantU is one such application designed to serve people with short content. However, the idea of short clips was invented by Tiktok, so this app shares some features with Tiktok that everyone understands after opening it.

What is Iwantu?

IWantU APK is the most sought-after application loved by mature personalities worldwide. This app is breaking all the records in the market, and it is the most attention-grabbing app after TikTok in terms of offering short videos. Most importantly, the app has unique and functional filters and editing tools that let you skyrocket your videos by enhancing their quality.

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Moreover, with the Blend of advanced features of this alternate Tiktok, you will edit and post next-level videos and amaze everyone. As a result, the quality of your videos leads you to boost your followers, likes, comments, and other reach. So, as a content creator, if you are fed up on TikTok or other social sites and not going viral after posting daily content, this app is the best option to go viral fast.

Moreover, the alternate app has fewer creators than TikTok, which means that if you keep posting quality content, it is more likely that your dream of becoming popular within the app will come true. Other than that, if you shy away from making videos but are obsessed with watching such content, get this APK file and access vast content without logging in and creating accounts. Moreover, you can utilize the app in the same manner as TikTok. On the other hand, you can like, follow, and comment on any creator who wins your heart with their content.

Exceptional Features of IWantU Mod:

All sorts of short content:

IWantU app offers content beyond any restrictions and regulations. As a result, short content is available for any short video buffs to enjoy. So why wait any longer? Watch recommended videos, or search for videos and watch according to your taste.

Live Videos:

This entertainment booster app also has a different section where online live videos are available. The live area is filled with content creators who come online to connect with their audience to talk or chat. However, you can easily watch and join such live videos.

Social Connections:

This Mod app is also a vital source for connecting with others by following them. If you follow a creator, you can request to message that person or connect with them. On the other hand, like, command, and even direct video download options are there for every user.


The interface of the app is no different from the official TikTok. This shows that the users use the application better, and people will enjoy the video quickly and smoothly. Moreover, the main page is very simple and has a user interface that leads to hunting a broad audience globally.

Things to remember while using the IWantU App:

  • IWantU Mod APK is an alternate version with several features of TikTok that suit the demands of adults, so it is for non-adults or kids.
  • Second, this app was developed by an unofficial developer. Likewise, there is no official team that claims ownership of this app. As a result, use the best VPN, like Xnxubd VPN Browser, and protect yourself.
  • Furthermore, this short video app is not fully functional in all countries, as many countries have stopped the app from offering its short content to the public. If it also doesn’t work in there where you are, then forget to use this app. In that case, try to get official TikTok or another accessible version of TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Q. What kind of app is IWantU APK?

Ans. It is a third-party-based new social app that offers folks all kinds of short videos, reels, etc., just like TikTok offers.

Q. Do I need a VPN app for this app and its short content?

Ans. You don’t need any VPN app if it efficiently works on your country’s servers. If it doesn’t work, you are left with a last option: a VPN.

Q. Can I download and update this App through the Play Store?

Ans. No, you can’t update or download iwantu app through the Play Store, as it is not yet ready to be present in the Google Play Store.


TikTok has strict rules and guidelines for viewing and posting short content. However, when you look at IWantU APK, there are no rules, regulations, or boundaries on viewing and publishing content. This means this variant possesses all sorts of short content for all content enthusiasts. After reading this article, till the bottom line, if you still feel awkward or unable to make an instant decision on downloading this app, read some more reviews and decide. In the end, it is your own decision.

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