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Are you really into role-playing and story-based games and are confused about choosing which one is worthy enough to captivate you? If so, Kelly Family is the right game you are looking for today. The story of this game completely revolves around a family known as Kelly Empire. Kelly and Tom lead this storyline. Kelly is a female character who loves Tom, but her mother does not accept Tom’s loyalty and love. Indeed, Tom’s sole aim is to impress Kelly’s mother and prove to her that he is the perfect person to be the true life partner of her daughter.

What is the Kelly Family?

Kelly Family APK is a unique and delightful role-playing game based on Tom and Kelly’s adoring and tangled love story. You have to start the game as Tom and convince her mother that you love Kelly with all your heart and not betray her. However, it won’t be easy for Tom to impress her mother and change her mind so that she accepts your relationship.

Some time ago, Tom and Kelly met at Kelly Empire, and Kelly’s mother suddenly entered the room, and they were in an undue situation. Due to this, Kelly’s mom thought that Tom was a playboy and that he cheated on her daughter. After that day, she grew to hate Tom and prevented Killy from seeing Tom again. Despite this, she gave him fifteen days to ensure their loyalty and prove he had good intentions.

On this trip, you will be a guest in the Kelly Empire. If you want Kelly as your partner, you should do your best to win Kelly’s mother’s heart. In this regard, make a good dish for members of the House and talk to the family happily and respectfully. Finally, if you can impress Kelly’s mother, she will give Kelly’s hand in your hand and arrange a wedding for you both.

The storyline of Kelly and Tom in Kelly Family:

The love story of Kelly and Tom is entertaining to explore. Kelly and Tom fell in love during their university classes. Tom falls in love with Kelly at first sight and takes no time to propose to her. Kelly also starts loving Tom quickly, and they start dating instantly.

The real turning point comes when, before they can share her love story with her family, Kelly’s mother catches them in an inappropriate situation in Kelly’s room, and she begins to see Tom as a bad boy. After that, the challenges begin to prove their loyalty, and he wants to marry Kelly, not cheat on her.

What makes the Kelly Family the Best Game?

  • Hurdles and challenges: The more days Tom spends in the Kelly Family, the more he will fall into different challenges and be in a circumstance where he has to play their role wisely so that no one will be hurt and appreciate his step.
  • Best Graphics in Kelly Family: The best graphics in it let you feel good. Because of this, every element contained in the Kelly Game Play looks real. In particular, the graphics never disappoint you and excite you to run it for a long time without a break.
  • Freedom & Luxuries: Tom stays in the keely House like a guest. Thus, he will be given all the luxury services and freedom. Although the Keely is a well-known family, so the characters get different luxuries. Yes, he can eat everything, drink, swim, watch everything, and walk everywhere within the boundaries of Keely’s House.

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Playing the Kelly Family APK game, you will have an immersive pleasure and enjoy the love story of Tom and Kelly. So why wait any longer? Dive into this 2D game. Hence, we have provided its scanned and verified trusted file on the download link above if you want to enjoy this game. In a couple of clicks, you will get the original game on your smartphone to directly enjoy it.

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