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Lost Life APK is a unique anime android game based on an innocent, pretty girl lost from her family. A little girl is lost in the scary and mysterious world. Verily, she doesn’t know where to go, what is better for her, and what not. Your mission is to guide, protect, and train her so that she will be able to deal with the difficult future situation. As a simpleton and adolescent girl, she will behave, or her attitude will be as you will do with her.

Treating the adolescent girl with great humility will make her a good friend. Otherwise, if you treat the lost girl ruthlessly or badly, she will never come close to you and run away from you. As a result, in return, she will most likely hurt you physically and emotionally. Apart from this, the lost girl is adorable and is wearing a school uniform, which seems to have separated her from her family while going to school or returning from school.

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Make integral bonds with the girl, protecting her from crime and challenges. Try to find the girl’s family so she can return home and continue their schooling. Most importantly, in the Lost Life game, you will experience the gameplay and theme in 3D with the combination of the Dark Storyline. However, with the girl, you must go through various lands, villages, hotels, and houses to find her family and house.

In this journey, Pretty Girl will show funny and innocent movements, so make sure to deal with her like a true companion. Going forward, if she feels you are her well-wisher, you can change it properly and change her hairstyle, school clothing, and more. Is the story of a lost girl astonishing to you? If so, then start this anime game, Lost Life.

Exceptional Features of Lost Life:

It is a great game that will engage gamers with a beautiful girl’s emotional but interesting story, which makes everyone interested in testing. Folks who used it intending to test the quality of this app have become great admirers of this game. Indeed, if you play it or even look at the following features, you will also be one of the admirers.

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Fascinating gameplay:

The gameplay of this unique game is very fascinating. The more time gamers spend with the lost girl, the stronger their bond will be. Thus, you will feel that the anime character is essential to your life. On the other hand, the journey to make the beautiful lost anime girl prosperous, protect her, and find her family will be daring but fascinating.

Dark storyline:

The dark story of the Lost Life game is full of puzzles and action-based missions. The lost girl needs your help, strategy, and humbleness to find her loved ones safely. This journey alone is nothing short of climbing Mount Everest without shoes for her. Hence, assist it physically and emotionally.

Multiple chapters:

The whole theme of it is not based on a single chapter. However, dozens of chapters are here based on unique styles and patterns. The eagerness to join a new chapter forces you to work hard to accomplish the previous chapters that you play this exciting game for longer.

Character and other customizations:

Do you like customization options in this Lost Life game? If yes, then what would you like to customize? Most probably, you would like to customize the character especially. However, you can customize what you can’t even imagine in this iconic anime game. Thus, the customization of anime characters and background, sound, and graphics quality are viable.

Advertisement Free:

Advertising obstruction in watching television or using such gaming applications is the same disturbing. No one likes ads personally and always tries to get rid of them. However, you will not be upset about this game, as this anime game has zero ads. Does it make you happy? I think so, then try it.

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Finally, we must say that Lost Life APK is the best game that satisfies those who love action & storyline-based games from the core of their hearts. Her story has impressed everyone, and you will flourish to play it day and night. However, it would be best if you had a sharp internet connection to meet the challenges, meet the girl, and enjoy and dive into the whole story of the lost girl. Thinking about playing this top game offline is like wasting your time meaninglessly. In addition, it is the perfect anime game that will give you happiness and fun beyond your imagination.

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