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No doubt, no one can neglect or disagree that the Official Stumble Guys game is perfect from any perspective but hard to play. However, in this, the newbies face a cliff of problems, and they fall repeatedly and can’t be able to fly quickly. For this, Stumble Guys Beta has landed to solve such worries of the player once and for all. As a result, it becomes a significant game-changer tool for players, having all the advanced facilities, premium features, customization, and other magical options.

Yes, Stumble Guys Beta APK is an alternate version of the official game in identity. Nevertheless, it is like a reputable source with which novice gamers can ensure they can become seasoned players in no time and perform like never before. Plus, among all the other modified forms of Stumble, this beta game has flourished because of its engaging and humorous gameplay based on simple levels of knockout battles. Yes, every adult and child feels lucky to play it and also gets a great degree of joy and excitement.

The absolute pleasure of playing it comes when the players complete the race through brutal and deadly stages without stumbling or falling. Anyway, it’s not easy when you play the official Stumble Guys, because its levels require highly skilled players who have countless helping resources. To facilitate the player in this regard and make the players a winner of this knockout game, the developer launched its beta version called Stumble Guys Beta. Yes, it’s feature-rich, fast, and easy to play. As a result, this beta gaming app will take the players to sensational levels and boost the excitement.

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Exceptional Features of Stumble Guys Beta:

Easy & Simple Gameplay:

Its inbuilt gameplay looks similar to the primary game. Yet, it is far simpler and easier when it comes to difficulty and trickiness. Within it, gamers will not only encounter fewer obstacles but also experience effortless and smooth running. In short, the reason for its being simpler is that it evolved to suit the abilities & capacities of newcomers.

Heroes & Skins:

Do you always admire seeing premium Stumble Heroes and various skins in premium stores? And always think I wish I could one day play with top heroes and put different skins on them. Well, this wish is not far from being fulfilled. Since this beta game has 20+ heroes and 50-plus skins that gamers can use whenever and wherever they need.

Helpful Maps:

The app has endless maps that not only make the gameplay profitable to assume but also give you some precise directions and shortcuts for accomplishment. So, the maps are available for everyone, which is a plus factor in playing the game more enthusiastically.

Easy Victories:

This beta game promises easy victories at any level or circumstance on the Stumble field. Yes, this is all because it has integrated in-game comforts within the game that provide a lot of relief to the gamers and become a vital step to get easy victories without any hassle.

Tips to Download and Install Stumble Guys Beta:

With the efforts of the developers and the help of APKBilla, this game is ready to be in your hands. With this app, you will be super performers and get rid of purchasing all particular items forever. If you earnestly desire to play this beta game, download and install it by following the extremely easy points below.

  • We have given a user-friendly download link-based button on this page. So press it and wait until you get its APK format file in the Android package folder of the device.
  • Next, never look for the game to open on your device app section. It’s not installed yet. Hence, smartly unlock the “Unknown Source” setting right away and then take the next step to install and open it most conveniently.


Using a modified version over the official gameplay is like taking a step towards profitability. Well, not all modified versions are safe all the time. However, there is always a 1% risk associated with such products. Are you surprised and upset to hear that Stumble Guys Beta APK is also a modified version of the game? Although it is indeed a modified version, it has still satisfied gamers in terms of all security measures. Now, playing it means only getting advantages and enjoying priceless comforts and nothing else. So download it now and stop all the useless research on it.

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