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Instagram is now emerging as the world’s No. 1 ranking social media networking giant, beating Facebook shortly. It was recently released by Meta, somewhat similar to Facebook but of a more premium quality. Overall, it is a blend of old and new features and functions. This is why it takes the world by storm anytime, and people also love to dive into this social networking app. However, when people feel limited in Instagram and want to enjoy the features not yet included in Instagram by Meta, 18insta is the best application to experience them all as a mature version.

18insta is one of the modern replicas or Mod apps of the official Instagram. Eighteen-Insta has developed this app to ensure that users will quickly access and experience features that are either not yet available or not possible due to Instagram’s strict rules and policies. Thus, some people say this is an edited version of Instagram, but it is much more than that. Moreover, its theme is similar to Instagram but in many shapes and colors. Above all, people can sign up with their Gmail accounts to utilise its real-time versatile features.

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Users will enjoy additional features here, such as bold content, direct download features, and advanced filters, and they will get rid of ads and promotion banners and enjoy many authorities and options. Anyhow, once you get to know its detailed features, you’ll never go back, and it will feel official Instagram tasteless in terms of features. Indeed, the extra features inside it will be more enjoyable and rewarding for you.

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Exceptional Features of 18insta:

No Advertisement:

Official Instagram offers various ads and promotion banners often displayed while scrolling Instagram. However, everyone else dislikes this process, and if you are the same, 18insta is perfect for you to use Instagram without ads.

Downloading options:

Using this Mod app, you can download all the long and short videos of your choice at super high speed, freeing you from third-party downloaders and plugins.

Fully secure:

Who said that all Instagram variants are not safe and secure to utilize? Just look at 18insta. It is giving Instagram a tough time in security and, indeed, people’s faith in it. This is why this app now has a good value and the best quality worldwide.

Support all sorts of Androids:

18insta app supports all sorts of Android and IOS devices, from Androids 2.0 to all high-model devices. This implies it is also a perfect solution to enjoy Instagram on Android devices that previously could not run the latest version of Instagram. So what more do you want from it? This iconic and coll app has more and more surprises that will be revealed to you with time.

Offline view:

Once you’ve utilized an alternative Instagram app online, and whenever you’re quit, all the videos and photos you’ve opened in the app will again be available for viewing without an internet connection. This clearly shows that users can easily use it online but enjoy it offline to an extent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Q. What is 18insta APK?

Ans. It is an open-source app available as an Instagram replica with features that are rare in the official Instagram app. Further, It also provides users with a restriction-free and better experience.

Q. Is this app banned in any country?

Ans. It is not a suspicious thing that will be stopped, but it is an additional invention as an insta alternative to discover new features. So, without hesitation, it is openly available in any country.

Q. Are there any additional rules and ways to use the 18insta app?

Ans. No, there are no additional requirements & ways to use it, and Insta users can use it the same way they use Instagram. However, it does not require signup.


It’s no secret that 18insta APK is the best Instagram app version with users’ favourite features. On the other hand, there is no shortage of such apps in this modern age, with thousands of alternatives ready to serve global folks. But 18insta Mod APK has more feature-rich, smooth-to-use, and robust security that puts it far ahead of all such alternative apps. As a result, this new insta app has gained popularity quickly, so folks are eager to get it. Now is your chance to make this variety your own and non-stop fun.

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