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No doubt, watching dramas and movies is one of the primary activities in people’s daily routines. A person either plays online gamer or takes entertainment services in their leisure time or during boring modes. Likewise, the trend of Turkish dramas has recently been on top. They are popular not only in Turkish countries but also in all Islamic and non-Islamic countries. Now people of every age group like to watch Turkish dramas anywhere in the world. If you are also crazy about Turkish dramas, then Tabii is the best choice for you all. It lets you stream all Turkish dramas, movies and other video content right in the palm of your hand through your Android devices.

This new Turkish drama streaming app is developed keeping in mind the recent demand of people towards Turkish dramas and movies. Yes, it is developed by Tabii, a well-known Turkish company. This app is covered with all Turkish content, which you will probably like the most.

All genres of Turkish content, from romance to thrillers, are available to entertain fans worldwide. Tabii APK is the best application because it doesn’t offer mixed content, but online Turkish dramas are worth watching. As a result, this app has become the first preference of all Turkish drama lovers over all other applications.

What is Tabii APK?

Tabii APK is a top-rated Turkish streaming application with the purest Turkish content of multiple genres. Everyone can enjoy watching Turkish Dreams, movies, podcasts, comedies, cartoons and many more. Moreover, it allows watching top Turkish dramas like Ertuğrul Gazi, The Gift, EGO – Erkej Goven Olmaz, Dogo, etc., anytime without a fixed schedule.

The app is a key solution for folks who cannot afford paid subscriptions or are not free to sit in front of TV screens. Users can watch their favourite content in a safe shadow; in between, no bugs and malware issues disturb the user experience.

Additionally, the developers keep updating the content within and adding the newly released content so that users don’t leave the app and install others. This shows that this app is functional, and productive and fulfils all the wishes of content lovers and does not charge any subscription or other charges at all. So definitely try this restriction-free app once.

Features of the Tabii App:

Family-friendly micro TV app:

It is fair to highlight the point that this is family-friendly TV. Thus, users can watch the content within it along with their family tree. It does not contain any vulgar or immoral content, which makes it a reliable and mature application.

Turkish Dramas and Movies:

This is a versatile application for those who love pure Turkish content. As a result, this app fulfills all the needs of those who want to enjoy all Turkish dramas and movies but don’t want to spend money. The menu of this TV app is sufficient to provide your favorite content without resorting to search options.

Multiple contents:

This Turkish app is not limited to a specific genre; rather, people can enjoy thousands of genres for free. Yes, podcasts, webcasts, movies, TV shows, dramas, movies, stills and music videos are available to meet all the needs of content lovers.

Login Mandatory:

The basic rule for all users is to register themselves and log in. Whether the user creates one or two accounts doesn’t matter, as multiple accounts can be created on one device. But remember, no one will go live until someone creates a short profile and logs in with it.

Top-notch Video quality:

There is no doubt that people believe that this is the best application in recent times, so how is it possible for it to compromise on its video quality? Nowadays, people are quick to get rid of applications that lack video quality. But in this new application, all content is very clear and in high-quality resolution. We are sure that no one can ever complain about its video quality.

History of the Tabii APK Indir:

The history of the app is unknown to all. It is becoming popular in Turkey because Turkish citizens have developed it. The app was developed a few months back after seeing the success story of Tubi Studio, its basic version. The basic variant has been highly appreciated in most countries and has millions of admirers till date. This implies that users can judge Tubii with Tubii Studio.

What are the hidden secrets of Tabii TV?

  • The app’s language is Turkish, and many users don’t know until they start using it.
  • The size of the tool is user-friendly, high-end devices can run it easily, but low-end devices can also support it.
  • It does not break the bearers of users’ privacy. The reason is that it doesn’t want users to share their sensitive information like phone number, CNIC, profile picture, email etc.


If you are a fan of Turkish content, you will find thousands of TV applications on the web in a single search, but none match the quality of Tabii APK to date. Its superior features and video quality touch people’s hearts, and they rate it highly. Also, this is the first streaming TV app we review in depth on our site. So you guys take advantage of this pocket TV and get a great experience today.

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