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That’s Not My Neighbor Overview:

In real life, being a doorman or janitorial worker and its responsibilities are the most strenuous jobs ever to do. In short, It is literally a sensitive job from any perspective. If, due to the ignorance or mistake of a doorman, an awful or wrong person enters any place he is assigned, he will not only be fired from his job but also face a hefty Hessle. On the contrary, if you are crazy about enjoying an Android game where you serve as a virtual doorman, then That’s Not My Neighbor is such a fabulous game to play. Verily, serving as a doorman in this fantastic game is exciting, challenging, and nothing short of a daring experience for everyone.

That’s Not My Neighbor APK is a highly sought-after game in which all players begin serving as doormen in an old building in an ancient, mysterious world. The theme of the game you step into is 1955, and the entrance door security is still top-notch. The doorkeepers’s sole purpose is to let only real people in and keep out rude and wrong-thinking people like doppelgangers. In this regard, the Doorman has to go through the personal details of all who intend to enter. For instance, I.D., face, name, and more. If someone is trustworthy and genuine, enter the door for him and continue the same process for others.

Decide the eligibility of people by checking their details:

All folks aim to enter the building at any cost in this iconic game. This way, they will use all their mind and means to satisfy you. In this regard, they will submit a request to be entered into the virtual building. However, as a doorkeeper, you must carefully check their I.D., real name, and other personal details in the request form.

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In another step, check their face after their details, telling you whether the person is genuine or fake. If someone meets all the policies to enter the building, then welcome. On the other hand, if someone else provides phony information and tries to mislead the Doorman, trap him here and take action.

Get special assistance from D.D.D. by contacting:

If the Doorman needs extra help grappling with those who have entered the ancient building by cheating, don’t hesitate to contact the “Doppelganger Detection Department” instantly (D.D.D.). The D.D.D. The team will search and grab who has entered the building immorally & illegally and will manage them on their own basis. That way, the Doorman doesn’t have to take the trouble searching for them themselves.

Identify the mirror monsters and prevent them from entering:

Finding micro-monsters is a headache for the Doorman in the That’s Not My Neighbor game. They are small in size and try to sneak in disguised. As a doorkeeper, you must uncover their hidden faces using tiny clues. Once you analyze them and you’re convinced they shouldn’t be entering the building, close all avenues so they never think of entering again.

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Secret Points to Triumph That’s Not My Neighbor:

If your mission is to triumph in this game and want to be a legendary doorman, follow the secrets below.

Follow Doorship rules: As a doorman, each player has to follow the gaming rules sincerely. As a result, the Doorman should closely check their I.D. card, name, and other details for all the folks who wish to enter the old building. At the same time, check whether the details provided by the person belong to them.

Stay calm and avoid hastily: While delivering the Doorkeeper’s services & checking the details of the people who want to enter, you must be calm and avoid hastily. If you become hasty, you will make mistakes repeatedly. Thus, it will likely be easy for people to enter the building without clarification and verification.

Take some Smart moves: As a doorman, do you want to face no problems while performing the job of Doorkeeper? Unlock and use all those elements that make this deal easy for you.

Wisely use Hotkeys and Smart buttons: Some hotkeys and Smart buttons are at the fingertips of the Doorkeeper to identify wrong and good people profoundly and quickly. You can try them wisely; they will do the long work in seconds.

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Ready to be a virtual doorman in the That’s Not My Neighbor APK? Then, click on the download button on the top. This gaming app suits both males and females, as both genders can perform the task of the Doorman. So please keep your eyes on all the people and decide whether a specific person can enter based on his actual data and proof.

However, some minor monsters are active to prove you are a failed and irresponsible doorkeeper by entering the building unfairly and cheating. The sensitive job of the Doorkeeper makes you responsible and lets you adopt the skills to make wise decisions. So why not download this game and explore a unique storyline based on Doorkeeper? Get it.

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